World-class rewards are an American Income Life staple to those who are goal-oriented. In addition to higher income opportunities with insurance sales careers and other occupations, outstanding achievement at AIL is rewarded with an annual sales convention to exotic locations, various awards, and peer recognition throughout the year.

Production Awards

Each year, AIL and NILICO honor their top producers at AIL’s annual convention by recognizing their Top Individual Producers, Supervising Agent, General Agents, Master General Agents, Regional General Agents, State General Agents, Public Relations Representatives, and PR Managers in the Company.

Other special recognition awards are presented to the President's Club, Founder's Club, SGA of the Year, and qualifiers to the Million Dollar Club for that year.

In addition, throughout the year, top producers are recognized each week and month via Company communications.

Annual Sales Convention

Each year, hundreds of qualifying American Income Life sales representatives and their guests have the opportunity to attend our annual convention held in various popular locations. Convention destinations have included Caribbean cruises, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Beverly Hills, San Fransisco and New York City.

AIL/NILICO Leadership Academy

The AIL/NILICO Leadership Academy is held throughout the year and is geared toward middle-level managers and managers in training. These seminars are full of valuable information on how to lead and strengthen a successful Agency. Though it's training, attendees are recognized as being 'on their way up' with the Company!

Special Rewards and Recognition

There are always opportunities to be recognized for outstanding performance with American Income Life Insurance Company. Whether the prize is a trip to Paris, or the recognition is your picture in our Spotlight magazine, you can rest assured that you will have ample opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for your achievements.

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