Happy Clients Testimonials

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Jake Giangiulli

One of the main things I looked for in career was something where I can grow at and I really found that here at American Income Life. Not only with being able to be promoted, but also the amount of time we spent on people and developing leaders. I was able to grow not only as a person but as a business individual – and what's really great is the atmosphere we have here. We are voted as a top places to work – not just from standpoint of people in the office but it's really what we do in the community. I really like that atmosphere here because is great because we spent a lot of time developing people and getting back to community as a whole.

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Shelby Sofranko

I started with AIL in July 2015, about year and half ago. It's actually funny because the whole reason I came here for interview was simply because I just wanted to get a new pair of shoes to wearout for that weekend. Never I would thought I will find a career that I love and plan doing for the rest of my life. The first thing that really draw me was the opportunity for immediate income and potential residual income that's gonna pay out for life.Alongside of that I saw success of Chuck Ferrari and that was really important to me being a young woman, fresh out of college in the business world. Also, I saw the potential to earn not only a just a good income, but unlimited income and the opportunity to advance into leadership very quickly.

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Ryan Ohm Wexford Office

I am Ryan Ohm. I am with American Income Life - Arias Agencies out of Wexford. I've been in the company for 11 months now. My background isn't in insurance, I have no background in whatsoever. I was actually in labor construcion industry before I got into this, but now looking back I can't imagine working for other companies. There is a few big reasons that drew me into this company. I knew from day one that the culture they are buidling here is a lof of fun. Everyone was super excited about what they are doing, it was kinda like one big family.

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James Keefer

I started with Arias Agencies 7 years ago out of the State College of Pennsylvania. In the first 3 years I worked very hard and I worked my way out to director position. Now I am 7 years in the business and I am currently Director of Sales Training which allows me to travel to all 11 offices and share my knowledge and share my experience with everybody else. One thing that you will see here is that we are not afraid to share our knowledge and share our experience with everybody else. That isone thing that makes this great place to come into because no one will gonna tell you "no". No one is gonna not spend time with you. No one is gonna not answer your questions. One thing I know is that I actually get better myself by training other peoplewhich reminds me what I am supposed to be doing.

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Christie Jauch

There is no glass ceiling here. The amount of work that you put in - that is exactly what you gonna get out of it.

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Brody Evanson

I come from athletic background, football. I love high energy and competitive atmosphere.

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Jenn Reed

With the residueal income structure I will continue to get paid for the work I am doing now for years to come.

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