Arias Agencies Drug and Alcohol Policy

Arias Agencies strives to provide a safe work environment and encourages personal health.  Concerning this, the company considers the abuse of drugs or alcohol on the premises or while doing business to be an unsafe and counter productive work practice.  It is, therefore, company policy that any employee or independent contractor found with the presence of alcohol or illegal drugs in his/her system, in possession of, using, selling, trading, or offering for sale licit/illicit drugs or alcohol during working hours, will be subject to disciplinary action including discharge.  (Company sponsored activities which may include the service of alcoholic beverages are not included in this provision. Discretion should be exercised by the employee or independent contractor to not overindulge in the consumption of alcohol.) Substance Abuse includes possession, use, purchase or sale of drugs or alcohol on company premises, (including the parking lots), leaving the premises and returning to the premises or returning to do business, for example.  It also includes reporting to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  An employee or independent contractor reporting for work visibly impaired is unable to properly perform required duties and potentially puts others at risk, therefore, will not be allowed to work.  Any person working for or with Arias Agencies is permitted to report any personnel, whether they are employee or independent contractor of suspicions of drug or alcohol use while conducting business for Arias Agencies by reporting their suspicions to a direct supervisor of the employee, manager, agent involved.   The supervisor should first seek another supervisor’s opinion of the employee or independent contractors’ status.  Then the supervisor should consult privately with the employee or independent contractor with the observation, to rule out any problems that may have been caused by prescription drugs.  If, in the opinion of the supervisor, the employee or independent contractor is considered impaired, the employee or independent contractor should be sent home or to a medical facility by taxi or other safe transportation alternative, depending on the determination of the observed impairment, accompanied by the supervisor or another employee, if necessary. An impaired employee or independent contractor should not be allowed drive.

Prescription drugs prescribed by the employee or independent contractors physician may be taken during work hours.  The employee or independent contractor should notify the supervisor if the use of properly prescription drugs will affect the employee or independent contractors work performance.  Abuse of prescription drugs will not be tolerated.  It is the responsibility of the company’s supervisor to counsel with the employee or independent contractor whenever they see changes in performance that suggests an employee or independent contractors’ problem.

Employees or independent contractors will be required to submit to drug and/or alcohol testing at a laboratory chosen by the company if there is a cause for reasonable suspicion of substance abuse or denial when observations have been made that warrant. Whenever possible, the supervisor should have the employee or independent contractor observed by a second supervisor or manager before requiring testing.  Employees or independent contractors who refuse substance testing under these circumstances will be terminated.  Circumstances that could be indicators of a substance abuse problem and considered reasonable suspicion are:

  • Observed alcohol or drug abuse during work hours on company premises.
  • Apparent physical state of impairment.
  • Incoherent mental state.
  • Marked changes in personal behavior that is otherwise unexplainable.
  • Deteriorating work performance that is not attributed to other factors.


  • Accidents or other actions that provide reasonable cause to believe the employee may be under the influence and are during company business or include transport of another employee, manager, or agent.


Arias Agencies does not desire to intrude into the private lives of its employees and independent contractors, but recognizes that employees’ and independent contractors’ involvement with drugs and alcohol may have an impact on the workplace. Therefore, Arias Agencies reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action for alcohol or drug use, sale or distribution while on company premises or doing business for including but not limited to:


  • All employees or independent contractor found to have violated this policy will have an immediate 30 day suspension from being permitted to work
  • Immediate demotion where applicable, or withheld for a period no less than 6 months. (Managers will be demoted to a level deemed appropriate by the owner, agents will be unable for promotion)


We do understand that drug and alcohol addiction is a serious issue that effects the lives of many.  Arias Agencies will not hold against any employee or independent contractor for seeking out drug or alcohol treatment.







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